Laland Baptiste is dedicated to providing unparalleled services throughout the construction life cycle.

As construction managers our roles are diverse. Our Construction Management Services include, but are not limited to: planning, scheduling, managing trade crews, budgeting, document control, value engineering, claims mitigation, quality control, owner’s representation, safety and communication.

Our Services Include

Construction Management

Based on the defined project scope, we manage the construction, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget and safely. We coordinate all trades on the job and make decisions on behalf of, or in some cases with the client, to ensure the project runs smoothly.

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Program Management

Our program management involves planning and coordination to ensure the logistical flow of processes in the client’s program. In some instances, the program has been defined by the client. In other cases, the client relies on our expertise to build, develop and execute the program.

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Owner’s Representation

This service includes acting as the client’s representative on a project and in the field. We address questions, concerns and requests on behalf of the client. We debrief regularly with the client to keep them current without weighing them down with what can be overwhelming details on the daily operations of the project’s progress.

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Disaster Recovery Management

Through a multi-faceted process to ensure safety, restoration and sustainability, we provide immediate program management, consulting and construction management services to assess and address damage from a catastrophic event. As Construction Managers, our services are diverse and include program management and advisement, damage assessment, communication (in the form of call-center management), document control specialist, technical advisement, and community outreach.

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M/WBE Compliance

We monitor use of Minority and Women owned businesses (M/WBE’s) and Section 3 Residents and Businesses. Through comprehensive means and methods, we track, monitor and ensure M/WBE firms are being used as contracted. Compliance is everything, from the start of a job to completion.

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Staff Augmentation

We will staff a project to meet the client’s needs, accessing our recruiting database and well-connected network to find the best fit for each role needed.

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Document Control

With this service, we manage and record all documents on a project, and as needed, respond. Given the complexity of any project, systematic record-keeping and management is crucial.

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Change Order Review

This service includes the review of changes to the approved bid’s set of drawings and scope of work. We review contractors’ change orders for accuracy, justification and respective payment, if deemed necessary.

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Value Engineering

We review the means and methods of a project, then propose a more cost-effective approach that delivers the same high-quality result the client needs.

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Pre-construction Consulting

This service includes an all-aboard review and coordination before construction begins. At this time, we review all approved construction drawings to ensure there are no discrepancies between information. Discrepancies or missing information is brought to the attention of the client. We track these items on a checklist and work to help the client resolve them before construction begins without affecting the targeted project completion date.

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Conceptual Planning

This service involves the initial review phase, brainstorming ideas with clients to understand their vision, and providing different options that meet the vision. The client provides input into the process and we provide counsel on the best means to achieve the desired goal.

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