Owner’s Representation

There are many important business decisions to be made when carrying out projects. In representing the project’s owner, we ensure that through the entire process, from initial design to execution, the best decisions are implemented on behalf of the owner. Our experienced professionals collaborate with each project’s team involved to ensure that all schedules are being met in a timely manner, budgets are being upheld, and designs are being constructed appropriately.

Clients often need assistance with plans and evaluations to be successful. At Laland Baptiste, our Owner’s Representatives are there to implement the time and experience needed when a project is in the works. In many cases, the owner has enough consuming their time while carrying out a project. The Owner’s Representatives at Laland Baptiste are there to assist in supervising, addressing details, resolving on-site issues, and more while also being able to give knowledgeable recommendations for experienced and professional designers, construction companies, and more.

Our Owner’s Representatives are up-to-date on current city codes, as well as the best technologies to use for each project.

Owner's Representation Laland Baptiste

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