Pre-Construction Consulting

Before any construction project begins, a great deal of planning, drawing, and approvals must happen. We understand that you have your own idea of how your project will unfold, and we aim to make your vision a reality.

Our goal is to ensure that your project is well structured and has a smooth start, with all project controls in place. With our Pre-Construction Consulting services, our professionals at Laland Baptiste get all documentation in order so our clients can complete what they need to get done. From there, we review all approved documents and sketches to make sure the information is correct without any inconsistencies. Throughout the process, we monitor and identify any potential issues or conflicts based on the project’s documents. The client is kept up-to-date on all changes and is instantly alerted if any details are incorrect, missing, or do not match up with their original plans.

Pre-Construction Consultation Laland Baptiste

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