Program Management

At Laland Baptiste, we manage a wide variety of projects, both big and small. Since many projects involve multiple parties, our program managers coordinate with all groups involved to ensure that the program continues to flow in a logistical and timely manner.

Program Management Laland Baptiste

When creating a program, the manager oversees multiple projects that relate, working with the project managers, and following each schedule, budget, contract, and needs of individual projects. Our program managers are goal-oriented leaders that pay close attention to even the smallest details, and make sure the programs are moving forward and are executed professionally.

In working with many different clients and managing a multitude of projects simultaneously, our firm realizes that every project is unique in its requirements, so we take a detailed approach to cater to each program’s needs depending on what our client feels most comfortable with. In some cases, our clients define their own programs, and we execute accordingly. However, in other instances, our clients rely on our years of experience and proficiency in organizing and controlling documents. In this case, our construction managers will build, develop, and execute the programs for them, coordinating with each project manager involved, and easing some of the stress of implementing a project.

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