Video: Our 2021 Year in Review

2021 was a whirlwind of a year! Our team found ways to work safely and efficiently during a global pandemic while hitting some significant milestones. We celebrated 13 years of business, received multiple honorable awards, signed onto/completed new projects, gave back to our community, and most importantly, we were able to continue doing the work we are passionate about with the people we love!

Video: Our 2021 Year in Review2022-01-14T12:49:22-05:00

Why I Mentor: Schillivia Baptiste and the ACE Program

The ACE Mentor Program is very dear to Schillivia. She is an alumna of the Program and acknowledges its influence on the early stages of her career path into Civil Engineering. Schillivia has always had a passion for working with students, whether it’s hands-on mentoring, or participating in student panels to support their aspirations.

Why I Mentor: Schillivia Baptiste and the ACE Program2021-12-22T13:38:34-05:00

Public Works Partners Virtual Panel Discussion

Schillivia Baptiste took part in the Public Works Partners virtual panel discussion to share and examine efforts to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Works Partners Virtual Panel Discussion2021-08-20T14:15:22-04:00

Schillivia Baptiste – PWC Member Spotlight

Learn more about CEO Schillivia Baptiste as she discussed her roots and how she became interested in Engineering, as well as how she’s adapted during the pandemic in the PWC Member Spotlight video!

Schillivia Baptiste – PWC Member Spotlight2021-08-31T13:59:07-04:00