On February 26, 2023, Robert and Schillivia Baptiste of Laland Baptiste were featured as a Chase Small Business at Madison Square Garden during the NY Rangers vs. LA Kings ice hockey match. Laland Baptiste was one of five small businesses in the Tri-State area chosen to represent the campaign which features local businesses that have “empowered the community through grit, hard work and dedication.”

“Whether on the project site or in the arena, there’s No Quit in New York!”

-Schillivia Baptiste, COO
Laland Baptiste

The arena played the video on the jumbotron between periods, and upon seeing it, Chief Executive Officer, Schillivia exclaimed, “There we are!” to her husband and Chief Operating Officer, Robert. The video compares how the Rangers team prepares for their matches on the ice to what it takes to run and succeed in a small NY business. Images of the locker room, rink and team are contrasted with the boardroom, architectural plans and employees at the company. At the same time, Schillivia provides the narration, including some of the company’s keys to success.

It was a proud and exciting moment for the couple and their family, who began their minority and women-owned business in 2008 and have worked tirelessly to develop, lead, and assist many large-scale projects in New York and the surrounding areas.