Green Infrastructure ROW Bio-Swales – Brooklyn, New York

Green Infrastructure ROW Bio-Swales

Clients: New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Laland Baptiste’s Senior Project Manager provided construction management services for the Green Infrastructure Program. This program involved the comprehensive construction management of thousands of right-of-way bioswales in Brooklyn, New York. The bioswales featured deep pockets of gravel serving as small, local recharge basins with scuppers in the street curb allowing storm water to flow through the bioswale, with excess water outletting to adjacent catch basins. Each bioswale was heavily planted with adapted plant materials to filter and utilize the stormwater.

Schulz, D. and Schulz, D. (2019). 2,000 More Bioswales [photo] Will Help NYC Absorb Stormwater | 6sqft. [online] 6sqft. Available at:

Our team oversaw the Green Infrastructure Program from pre-construction through:

  • Site verification
  • Estimating
  • Value engineering
  • Bidding
  • Award
  • Construction kick-off
  • Day-to-day construction management, quality and conformance
  • Tracked unit item work, quantities and contractor payments
  • Punchlist and close-out

We revised the construction documents to include more unit items to help address a wider range of existing conditions. The overall list of sites was broken down into phases to better control start and completion. Our worked closely with the local utilities to minimize delays and risk. Our knowledge and familiarity with each of the stakeholders expedited the multi-agency coordination, assisted the Contractor in maintaining a steady workflow, and avoided shut-downs due to unanswered RFI’s.

One of the unique challenges of this program is that each bio-swale location is tracked as a stand-alone project with its own unique list of conditions, constraints, unit items, and quantities; which necessitates a rigorous and detailed location and tracking system.